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knit-in-one-piece booties- help, if you can
I'm having difficulty reading this pattern ... or understanding what it is asking.... I'll briefly describe the pattern and tell you where I am stuck. I'm sure this is easy to figure out, but I"m a new knitter and need help. ok... here goes.
* cast on 22 sts
*row 1-12 -knit
*row 13, k2, *yo, k 2 tog. Rep. from *
* row 14 knit
Row 1 of instep shaping:
Knit 15, turn.
*Row 2- K 8, turn.
You may pu the other sts on holders, but it is not necessary, as this is such a small article.
Rows 3-15: Knit 13 rows of garter st.
I believe I followed the above directions correctly... but now I don't understand the next bit of info....

Row 16- Pick up and K 8 sts along the left side of instep flap.
K the 7 sts from the needle(the sts held while making the flap);turn

There is another section I don't get either, but I'll start with the above. I know it may be difficult to tell me what to do... so good luck.

Well, I don't get this part... or I can't figure it out.
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