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knit-in-one-piece booties..
Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
On row 1 of the instep shaping you only k 15 of the 22 sts, and on row 2 you k 8 of those 15. That leaves 7 sts on either side of the 8 center sts which are what you knit for 13 rows. Now you pick up 8 sts down the side of the 13 rows you knit - there's a video on picking up sts on the Tips page. Work you way down to where 7 of the sts are waiting and knit those 7. Then turn to work the next row.
Thanks for the info.... I'll try... and let you know if I get it.
I wonder if I'll ever get to understand what a pattern says..
I appreciate your help. Thanks again, cair
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