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Hi all

Google saved my life, and sent me here!

I'm a newbie knitter, who had never knitted in her life until 4 weeks ago...apart from an abortive attempt to knit a 6" square as part of a project for the Brownie Guides when I was 6...that mainly consisted of my mum casting on for me (because I couldn't work out how) followed by my mum knitting the square for me (because I just didn't 'get' how knitting worked), and I didn't want to get in trouble for not bring in the completed square to the next meeting

So, after a surprise yearning to learn to knit came at me totally out of the blue, I went out at the beginning of January and bought some 5mm needles, and couple of balls of yarn, a 'How To' book and went home to find happiness in a bunch of messy knots.

The 'How To' book just served to compound my confusion....but Youtube helped me see the light. A friend who knits, helped me understand the tension I needed....and away I went.

Completed my first 'proper' project...fingerless mittens...over a week ago...and currently 6" into a 22" x 22" baby blanket for an Irish charity, and squirelling a way on a second pair of needles, on multiple mini hearts to string up for my market stall as a St Valentine's display.

Whoops, long intro, sorry
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