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Originally Posted by okckwilter View Post
I keep looking at the Knitpicks website and see the term "Options" used on all three of their needles, Harmony, Nickel plated, and Acrylics. So, if you don't mind, which do you mean when you say "Options" needles?
Actually, OPTIONS is the 'type' of interchangeable circular.
However, KP OPTIONS are now available in 3 materials: NP, HARMONY, ZEPHYR.

Here is their ADVERTISEMENT banner here at KH:

Because NP (nickel plated) was the very first OPTIONS available, a lot of people use
the term OPTIONS when they really mean OPTIONS NP, nickel plated.

I've got full sets of NP and Harmony. Well worth the investment.

I have 3 sizes in the Zephyr acrylic, however I didn't invest in more. They perform much like the Harmony's do but they are much more affordable for someone entering the world of interchangeables. I recommend Zephyr's to anyone needing to spend as little cash as possible.

But if cash is not a first recommendation would be the Harmony's. They knit fast, warm, and not too slippery. I'm a fast knitter, usually preferring Addi Turbos/Clicks and Signature (circular) Needles...but I can get a lot of speed out of the Harmony's just fine. They are nice when I need a needle that isn't a sharp as the Signature Stilettos, and not as round as the Addi Turbo/Clicks.

I use Harmony's more than I thought I would! It is a great needle! I'm still amazed at the affordable price of all 3 (NP, Harmony, Zephyr) of the KnitPicks Options interchangeables!

I don't know how they do it!
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