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We had a pair of beautiful kittens brought to us one year. Earl died young and his sister, who was very attached to him, was so upset that she overgroomed until she was stark naked from the neck to the base of her tail. It was late fall and getting cold, and she was miserable. I made her a dog sweater and sneaked up on her to put it on (she was completely feral at the time.) She looked outraged for a minute, then sat there wide-eyed, staring at me. In a minute, she went up to look out the window, where she hadn't been because of the cold. She wore that sweater all winter! By spring, her pretty coat had grown out, so she took the sweater off one day and left it where she could lie on it instead.

She had to be one of the smartest cats I ever knew and turned out to ber one of the most affectionate. We all miss her, but we're sure glad she was here.
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