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K5, pm, slip, K1, psso, *K15, inc2, K15, slip, K2tog, passo, repeat from * 6 more times, end last rep with slip, K1, pm K5.

First, are you sure it says repeat from * 6 more times??? The amount of stitches required to work what is inside the ** is 33 stitches, so if you were to have enough stitches to work the whole pattern as you have written it, you would have needed to cast on 245 sts.

Do you see what I mean? Lets break it down:
-K5, pm, slip, K1, psso = requires 7 sts to start
-K15, inc2, K15, slip, K2tog, psso = requires 33 sts to start
(^ this is pattern is done 7 times [1st time plus 6 additional times], which means 33 sts times 7, which equals 231 sts to start)
-slip, K1, pm, K5 = requires 7 sts to start

7+231+7 = 245 sts you would have to have cast on just do that row as written.

My guess is either the pattern's wrong or you may be misreading it.
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