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They don't have to be 100% but the more wool, the better. You also don't want whites or superwash... those won't felt. Something with the lightening to make it white ruins the properties of felting in wool and superwash keeps it from shrinking or felting. You do want a fairly high percentage and avoid whites/superwash but the rest is pretty much fair game. If you're not sure and your LYS doesn't know (for some odd reason) just get a 100% non-white, non-superwash wool... that'll felt really well every time. As for anything with knitting, there are some stuff you just have to do a test patch of. With felting, there's no un-doing it and once felted, it won't felt again, so felt it to what you want in the first place. In a washing machine, check every ten minutes... by hand, you have the chance to check any time you want... The main components of felting are: wool, heat, agitation and cold (cold rinse and heat/agitation to work it to felt). I have been able to successfully felt a natural off-white color really well, though. I was lucky to catch a wool that was light in color, really.
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