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Shape shoulder.... help
Hi Everyone,
This is my first attempt at knitting a sweater. I am up to shaping the shoulder and am confused as to where exactly I am shaping.

Pattern is for a toddler sweater. Pattern is as follows:

Divide for Back Opening
1st Row - K26, turn.
Cont on these 26 sts.
2nd Row - K2, purl to end.
Keeping garter st boarder correct, cont until work measures 40cm from beg, ending with a purl row.

I am ok up to here......

Shape Shoulder
Cast off 5 sts at beg of next row and foll alt row, then 5 sts at beg of foll alt row.
Work 1 row.
Leave rem 11 sts on a stitch holder.

So does that mean that I cast off 5 purlwise (from center of back, at the divide) and purl to end (to armhole side) then knit back to center and cast off another 5 purlwise an purl to end (armhole) then cast off 5 knitwise (from armhole side), knit to center and purl to end (center) ????

I hope I have explained this ok as I am confused :/

Can someone please help to explain this to me step by step please???

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