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Originally Posted by kennabah View Post
Now I know to knit a flat circle, but I'm not exactly sure how to make it look like someone cut a triangle out of it.
Anyone have ideas?
Thank you!
An easy circle is to increase 16 stitches in 8 evenly spaced pairs
every fourth row. This would be in the round - which you can't do with a slice out of your Cheese.

To make a flat circle with a "slice" :

Do a total of 12 increases every 4rth row (every other rs row)
in 5 pairs plus one on either edge. If you are using a selvedge, put the singletons just inside the selvedge and space the five pairs of increase out evenly across the row. you should end with six wedges

For a narrower "slice" use six pairs plus the two singletons - giving you seven wedges.

If you use yarnovers on the edge and increase at the points with k1, O, k1 in a single stitch you will not end up with the rows of eyelets dividing your cheese.

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