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Work 1 Row Straight in this Pattern
Knitting a baby cardigan for the first time! EEK! I'm doing the second size, so I'm following the first number in the parentheses on the pattern.

At this point:

Shape Front

Next row: knit to last 7 sts, k2tog (neck decrease), k5
Next row: K5, purl to end

Continue to dec 1 st inside garter st border as before on next and every alt row until 30(33-36-40) sts remain. Work 1 row straight.

In this case, what does the work 1 row straight mean? Does it mean k5, purl to end again once I hit 3 sts, which is the second row in the pattern, which is the point where I am, or does it mean something else?

The the next question I have regards this part:

Shape Raglan
1st row: Cast off 1 st, knit to last 7 st, k2tog, k5
2nd row: K5, purl to end
3rd row: k1, sl 1, k1, psso, knit to last 7 sts, k2tog, k5

Continue to dec 1 st at rgalan edge on every alt row at the same time dec 1 st at neck edge inside garter st border as before on following 2(1-1-1) alt rows, then every following 4th row until 10(12-12-13) sts remain.

For some reason, my brain just can't process what exactly this is saying at all. Could someone translate it for me?
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