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Sleeves in the round--help!!
I am working on the Samhain Hares tee from Yarn Forward magazine. It is worked body first in the round. Stitches are held on scrap yarn and worked after the body. I have now reached the point where I need to do the sleeves and I can't really figure out how to get started with it. The pattern says:
"Transfer held sts of one sleeve to dpn. Pick up and knit 10 sts from underarm, placing a marker after 5 sts. K 1 round." After this, short rows are worked.

Now, what is confusing me is that I cannot use dpns AT ALL. I do magic loop instead. So....the problem is figuring out which direction to have my magic loop needle and which way to place the stitches onto it. And then how to divide them for magic loop. Also, does the marker indicate the beginning of the round? I'm thinking if i am working in magic loop I will need to have the 10 picked up stitches divided evenly over both needles....? Help!

I hope someone can make this clear for me, as I am so close to having this project finished, it's driving me crazy!
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