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The iPhone App Update
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to mention that we recently completed an update to the iPhone app. The app now features a video search, allowing you to quickly find any video by title, alias name, or abbreviation. There is also an abbreviations feature which is similar to the glossary page on this website. In addition to these two main features, we made the overall video quality better, added new videos, and managed to make the app 150MB smaller than the original.

If you own the app already, the upgrade should show up in the App Store. If you don't own the app but want to, you can purchase the app from the App Store. Quickest way is to search the App Store for KnittingHelp.

And if you have no idea what the app is, well, it's an offline reference featuring ALL the videos from this website, organized by category and available for viewing anywhere, anytime. It's the ultimate knitting reference and it fits on your iPhone or Ipod. You can read more and see some screenshots and reviews here:

Thank you!
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