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knitted summer gift suggestions
Hi all

My mum wants a pair of my seemingly popular I thought I'd knit her a matching scarf too (my first scarf project),and possibly a hat too...and I *will*do these for her...I've cast on the mittens already.

However, it occured to me that by the time I have them finished and ready for posting (we live in different countries) its not going to be cold enough for her to use them...and so, once completed I'll store them away and post them to her next winter instead.

But I'd still like to knit her something and post it off as a surprise...and reasonably soon.

So, any suggestions for a nice summery gift type item that a noob-knitter can knit, preferably on straight needles**, that will be postable when completed (i.e not too bulky or odd-shapped)...that I don't need all her measurements for, and that won't take me forever to finish (I presently knit approx 1-2 hrs a day 4-5 days a weekand & whilst not dead slow, I'm not overly fast either)

A lot to ask I know, sorry...but open to suggestions as all I can think of right now are mittens,scarfs & woolly hats...and I can't seem to think outside of those items

**Haven't done anything on circular needles yet, and don't want her gift to be my first, experiimental efforts
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