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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
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I posted the 2nd time to ask the mods to change my title after a spelling error...then I worked out how to fix it myself, which meant my 2nd post no longer made sense

Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
If she drinks soda or beer or something that she might want to keep cold a can/bottle cozy might be nice. Or nice absorbent coaster?
She'd be more into wine than soda/beer ...would a knitted wine cooler work? Is there such a thing?
Hmmm....could even do it in the colour of her vw campervan, to use when she's out on the road...that idea definitely has legs if such a pattern exists?

Or failing that, a summery shawl or shoulder wrap type thing, that isn't overly complicated and won't take ages to complete...asking the impossible I guess.
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