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Hi all!

I haven't been around or doing much knitting lately, but I was thinking I'd like to sign up for these blankets again. It's been about two years since I last participated (when I was on maternity leave for my now two year old ) and I haven't been keeping up with the thread.

Are you taking new knitters? How much time do we get with each blanket? What are the requirements again? Is the process the same or have there been changes and improvements? (Not that I remember what I did before. )

I'd be happy to be at the beginning, middle or end of a blanket -- I have a couple of local shelters that I think would accept them and I would love the excuse to go buy a new circ -- just let me know.

I guess I could just make my own too, but I remember how fun it was keeping track of the blankets and watching them grow! And how interesting it was to see the differences in everyone's garter stitch.
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