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My first visit to a LYS
Next door to the salon where I get my hair cut is a lovely specialty yarn shop. I finally had the opportunity to take off work a bit earlier than necessary for my hair appointment and was able to pop in the yarn shop for a few minutes. Oh my goodness! I've never seen so many lovely different yarns, gorgeous colors, and wonderfully different fibers! I made the acquaintance of the owner, found out she offers a few classes and hope to be able to swing by next week for her April class schedule. Unfortunately, she closed at 5:00 that day, the same time as my appointment so I wasn't able to browse as long as I would have liked but will definitely go back when I have more time. I see a long learning curve ahead, learning what yarns and fibers work best for which projects, etc.

I do have a question. The shop owner showed me a few completed class projects, a number of hats, gorgeous scarves and a few sweaters. I commented I especially want to learn to knit socks and sweaters. She mentioned that all her sweaters are done in the round which struck me as a bit unusual? I know it avoids the tedious seaming but surprised me a bit.

She asked if I've learned to knit in the round yet, I said no, not yet, and she gave me the distinct impression her sweater classes would not be for me (I mentally added "not yet"). Like I said, I didn't have much time there so one of my first questions next time will be whether any of her classes are for beginners. I sure hope so, and I hope my feeling a bit put off by her is just a result of not enough time and end of the day weariness. Or the fact that I was obviously just browsing and had no intention of splurging on pricey yarns until I know how and where to use them!
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