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Caron's Simply Soft is my favorite acrylic yarn. I'll bet they've just changed the name, trying to update it, and maybe there are just new colors in the "collection".

Here is something they speak to on their website:
" a beautiful palette of on-trend colors..." So I think the new colors are the 'new' feature. The formula is still 100% acrylic. They're also offering it in 6oz AND 3oz skeins. Is that a new offer...the 2 sizes?

Did you see the sale at WOW! It's just $2.79 per 6oz skein!!!!
They seem to have about 9 colors! Oy vey. You could sure knit an outrageous
baby log cabin afghan with this yarn!

I've used Simply Soft for my granddaughters' knits...and years later, and many washings...the sweaters continue to hold up as their passed down to the younger sister.

However, since it's pills. My daughters don't mind picking off the pills during movie night. Just every so often it's a chore that needs doing.

I wouldn't think a blanket would pill as much.
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