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debbie bliss booties problem

I am doing the same patter and also got stuck in one part. I picked up 12 st along side of instep than knit 12 on the top of instep, than 12 st pick up along down and I also knit 12 st rem on needle from the 'base' that was done as first things.

That means I have 60 st. The pattern says to K 6 rows. Should I knit 6 rows of all 60 stitches or only 36 of the instep ?

The second issue is, in Next row (wrong side) I should pick up 5 rows below, but what does it mean 'corresponding with next st on left-hand needle ? Is it to pick up 60 st? How I should knit these picked up stitches from below with my 60 st on my work ???

Thank you for answers !
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