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Hi all, my name is CC and even though I learned to knit when I was a very young child (I'm a grandma now) I had never followed a pattern or completed a project until a few months ago. My daughter joined a knitting group last fall and asked me to take one night off from being the 'designated babysitter' to go along because she thought I would enjoy it. Did I ever.

This was one of the first sites I found, where I learned to cast on, and where I learned how to increase, decrease, knit with dpn's, use circulars, magic loop and the resource that finally answered the mystery as to why all those gauge swatches I had knit flat were different than when I used circulars.

Thanks for such a great site and for all the work that must have gone into the videos and answering the questions newer knitters would have.

Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
........ and there's a basic hat pattern here, but you need to know head sizes.......
See....I should have joined this forum months ago because that one link would have saved me tons of time! But hey at least I have a nicely compiled list of my family members' head sizes and a journal of my tensions with different yarns, needles sizes and stitches lol

Thanks again for this great site and for the forum that I somehow managed to overlook while I was literally glued to the videos.
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