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Knitting charities for Japan?
Hello everyone. Since the first day I learned to knit, all of my FO have been primarily for charity (what a good way to practice while contributing to the needy). My mom, sister, brother, and I are primarily donating to the homeless, but in the light of the recent disaster in Japan, I was wondering if anyone has any links or information on knitting for Japan.

I recognize that out of all the countries that this could have happened to, it happened to probably the most prepared country (Japan having a LONG LONG history of earthquakes and tsunamis, being located directly above the Ring of Fire), but still, I would like to contribute something. So, besides the question of ARE there any knitting charities right now for Japan, I would also like to ask, WHAT needs to be knitted? Maybe blankets for the shelters, toys for the kids, etc.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you all!!!!
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