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Spinning dog fur into yarn?
So, this might seem like an odd question (or maybe not).....
......I have a Pomeranian (dog) that has the most beautiful, thick, soft, warm, and abundant coat. Since I live in Southern California, he doesn't really need his coat, and I often shave it off him when it gets warm, and also when there's a flea outbreak in the neighborhood (HE doesn't have fleas, but I have to cut it so I can see the little buggers if they do show up). He's a small dog, >5 lb., so he doesn't produce a LOT of fur every time I shave him, but he produces a high amount of WEIGHT in fur every time I shave him (5 oz or more). Additionally, this dog grows his full coat out in a matter of months. I mean, 2 - 3 months. Super quick.

So my question is, if I'm already shaving him down out of necessity, can I use that gorgeous fur of his that would normally be thrown away to spin yarn? I understand he's a dog, and I'm not one of those ULTRA crazy animal people who wants all of her items made out of her dog's fur (I'm only a slightly crazy animal person). Additionally, sheep are animals, and we use their fleece, right?

If anyone wants a picture to see the general fiber characteristics of his hair, let me know. I have a million pictures.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading your responses. Especially if they tell me that I CAN in fact use his fur lol.
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