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My tips for knitting:
*I always lose stitch markers and hate stitch holders. I tie a piece of contrasting yarn around the needle to mark my place. I put holding stitches, such as mitten thumb stitches, on a long piece of contrasting yarn
*If you want to eliminate ladders between double points or circulars, push the first stitch as close to the needle tip as you can without it falling off, then draw the yarn through the loop as tightly as you can. Do this for the first two stitches, then you can relax and knit the rest of the stitches as normal.
*I write the patterns I use a lot, corrections, and measurements for everybody in my family (including the dog) in a 4 by 6 inch three subject spiral notebook. I can always find what I'm looking for in there. I can throw it into my purse when I go to the yarn store. I always think I'll remember a pattern or stitch pattern, but don't. It helps if you haven't knitted something for a while and want to refer back to it.

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