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I have several skeins of Hometown gathering dust in a bag somewhere. I made an honest effort to try and use it several times, but just don't like it. I had difficulty knitting with it even with the size 13 needles they recommend. It splits, it's hard to scoop it up with the needles, and the knitted piece is very stiff. I would suggest you only buy one skein and try it out before you commit and have a lot sitting around like I do.

A lot of people here use Red Heart yarn Supersaver knitting worsted yarn for prayer shawls. That's what our church recommends so it can be easily washed and because it's economical. I don't like it because it's stiff and scratchy. If you're on a budget, one thing that might work for you is Caron One Pound worsted weight yarn. You may have to cast on more stitches on your pattern. I don't know if you can substitute for that. It's fairly cheap but a softer yarn that feels better against the skin. I've been using it all fall and winter for charity mittens.
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