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2 questions regarding Fisherman's Rib
Hello everyone

So, I know that I've been slightly obsessed with Fisherman's Rib recently. I have been TRYING to knit a scarf in fisherman's rib for the last month, and sadly, I've had to re-start 3 or four times. This is due to the fact that every time I drop a stitch, I get so confused that I can't pick my stitches back up, and end up unraveling the whole thing.

So here are my two questions regarding fisherman's rib:

1) How do you correct a mistake/pick stitches back up?


2) How do you decrease in fisherman's rib pattern? I want to make a simple fisherman's rib hat for my boyfriend, but all of the patterns I looked up don't use the knit 1 below, they use the YO & PSSO combination, and all of the decrease instructions I found were for a beret shaped hat, and I just want a beanie.

Thanks so much all! Happy knitting!
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