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Originally Posted by RochesterKnitter View Post
1) If you are having that much difficulty try using a lifeline. Thread some waste yarn through the stitches (parallel to the needle) when you succesfully finish a row. Then work a few rows, but don't knit the lifeline. Check and if your pattern is okay thread a new lifeline and take out the old. If you are wrong then you can frog back to the lifeline and easily pick up the stitches and try again.

2) Check out this site dedicated to Brioche stitch (aka Fisherman's rib).
OMG how silly of me not to think of using a lifeline. That's the perfect solution. Thank you (you're a genius)!

I actually came across that site yesterday, and I found decreasing in brioche stitch, but it also said somewhere on the website that fisherman's rib and brioche stitch were in the same family of stitches, but not exactly alike. Can I use the decrease that they suggested for brioche stitch?

Again, thanks a ton!
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