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varigated mohair yard for this scarf pattern?
Hi there, oops, I meant yarn not yard in above subject

I am wanting to make a lace pattern with mohair for infinity scarf and came across this one that looks very nice:

my yarn looks is same colors of shrug model is wearing and has pinks, orange, greens,very pretty.

I am wondering if the lace pattern will be lost with the varigated colors of the yarn? I am already part way through a much wider mobius pattern in stockinette, but it just feels boring.

Any advice, tips? I have a total about 230 yards plus another 1/4 skein of this color.

I ALSO have 4 skiens 230 yard ea (920 yards) of laines du nord kiddy print color 59 of another varigated color in same mohair that I would love suggestions on what to do with. It has deeper colors of red, blue & orange


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