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I say give the lady the benefit of the doubt. It was the end of the day and she wanted to get home. I'm sure she didn't mean to sound critical of your knitting skills.
The next time you go in, say you are not a very experienced knitter but really look forward to learning new techniques. Ask if one of the hat classes would be a good place to learn how to knit in the round.
It does seem like knitting in the round is the "in" thing these days. I knit with a group that makes kids' hats for an orphanage. Sonebody brought in a couple of hats which had been made flat and seamed (very neat seams,too) and several people seemed surprised that she didn't make them in the round. Like the kids in the orphanage are going to know or care how their nice new warm hat was made.
If you can't get satisfaction from this store then you can try another one. You can also do a google search for "knitting groups in the OKC area" and find a group you can go to where there are people who would love to help you become a more experienced knitter.
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