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Originally Posted by bailchri View Post
I sent Wizard of Oz out today to Nancy and I'm so mad at myself for not getting a picture first! I ALWAYS a picture if not just to post here but also to keep for my personal's fun to look at my pictures and see the blankets I've worked on. I added my blue section to represent munchkins (but it also sort of reminds me of the color of Dorothy's dress) to a beautiful "Emerald City" green. Confirmation: 0496 9001 2840 3909 2961

I also finally got Superheroes sent out to Tania. I'm really looking forward to seeing her section and all that follow it! Our group is the only one to post a picture of either of the challenge blankets but hopefully once the other groups see our blankets progress they'll start getting to theirs too! I can't wait to see all of the blankets!

Janet posted sign ups for Leprechaun, our newest preemie blanket. Here is a picture of it so far - it's ready to be sent out as soon as sign ups are complete. My vision for this blanket is to be in shades of green - we need more boy blankets I like the look of smaller stripes rather than the lager chunks of color (especially for the preemie blankets) so my section was done with 2 different shades of green but still totals 4 inches. It would be nice if other people would follow that idea, but it's not required, of course. To help with it, I'm sending along some yarn so you can add a small bit of it if you choose (or maybe you have your own 2 shades).

Leprechaun - Preemie by bailchri, on Flickr

Happy Knitting, all!

PS - is it just me or is flickr different again.....arrrrgh!
What stitch is this??? It's so interesting, it looks like the double crochet stitch.
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