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I have one similar to it that I purchased at a thrift store. I have the original package. Mine is the Hero Nylo-Hoop one piece nylon circular needle. It was manufactured by the Hero Manufacturing Co, Inc. in Middleboro, Mass. It says Patent Applied for Article Number 301. You can probably get more info on this from the US Patent Office online.

I'm not finding out a whole lot about this company. As near as I can figure, this company was in business in the late 1930's. This website has an old vintage Weave It book from them with a date of 1937. I'm guessing the needles were from that time period.

Here's a picture of the one like mine. Is this it?

These needles must have been cutting edge technology. I think this was about the time nylon was invented. Your needles are 80 some years old. Congratulations on a great find!

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