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Adding borders to the length of a scarf?
I recently adopted a scarf from a new crocheter that got frustrated with it and gave it to me...She a had an ok start on it for a beginner, but the tension on her base chain stitches are absolutely hideous and I was wondering if, now that I've finished the scarf, there's some way I can go back and try to disguise it...I've considered trying to go stitch by stitch and trying to tighten it up to hide it that way, but if anyone knew of a good way to add a border or something that might be a bit less tedious and look decent I'd love any ideas....The pattern of the stitch is pretty simply with alternating rows of SC and DC stitches if that helps any...once I get my camera working I'll post a pic of the FO as it is right now...oh, and I don't have any more of the same yarn I used for the scarf, if that makes any differences....
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