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The only thing I could think of that would disguise it would be doing a sewed loop or wrap stitch on both edges...It's really only the base chain that needs to be disguised, as her second and 3rd rows aren't an eyesore...The odd thing about this scarf is that she did her base chain, did about 2/3 of a row of DC, then finished the row with SC...She then did the whole next row in SC and the row after did much the same as the row after her base chain...DC's for about 2/3 of the row then switched to SC's...She didn't finish that row and that is where I adopted it from her...It gave the scarf and interesting indent where she had switched between the two different stitches and I decided to do my best to continue that motif to make it look even...In the end the scarf started out about 9" wide at one end and had a quick indent on both sides that shrunk it to about 7.5" wide...Gave it an interesting look and I was pleased with everything but the base chain...I also added tassles to the end to distract a bit from her odd looking starting edge....As I said before I'll post pics when I can of what I've got, but does my idea for the sewed borders sound feasible? I really can't think of anything else...I don't really know anything about picking the stitches up from the bottom to the next rows, but given the fact that the next rows aren't really an issue, I wonder if that would really help any or would in fact alter that edge to change the already interesting look of the scarf....I really think I need to post pics so you can get a better idea of what I'm working with and will do so as soon as possible...
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