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Cabling tip
I've dabbled with cabling and after years of being slightly intimidated by it decided to dive in. I've been working on a "cable fabric" scarf. Keeping track of my cable stitch holder (after buying several I actually ended up making my own) became a biiig issue. I tried putting rubber bands around the empty coffee tin (I am now completely unable to throw empty coffee cans away at all anymore *sigh*) I keep my yarn in, but it still was akward to reach. Oh, I also photo copied and taped the pattern to the side of the coffee can and used the rubber band to hold my little red clover clicker for keeping track of rows. That was a small bit of awesomeness for me.

I tried keeping the stitch holder in my hair bun (falls out when I forget I have it in and bend over in the grocery store) as well as just behind my ear, but I'd forget both and end up cursing and searching all over the house before kid or hubby would tell me where it was. And unlike a little leather finger tip protector (I have some very pointly needles) you can't really stuff one in your bra when you have to get up and do something... So! What I ended up doing was using the big synthetic bands I have that are supposed to be used for tying up chicken or turkey when you roast them. I put it around the palm of my left hand (I'm a picker/continental knitter) and slip the stitch holder through it at the back of my hand. I've been doing this for several days now and have never forgotten it was there or had it randomly fall off.

Wow, long winded tip.
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