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By all means, go ahead and post the pics when you get a chance.

Meanwhile, I thought about this some more last night and realized what I would probably do: I would snip the yarn on the first row (the only row you're unhappy with) and redo it.

Here's how:
1. Determine which side is the beginning edge and which is the opposite edge--so look for the tail of yarn that indicates where she began (if you can find it).
2. Go to the opposite edge from the beginning, and cut the yarn ON THE FIRST row maybe a stitch or so from the edge (so if the beginning edge is on your right, snip the yarn a stitch or so in from the LEFT side).
3. Unravel the remaining stitches to the opposite edge, and then tie off your yarn so that your scarf now starts with row 2. Be sure you don't unravel any stitches on row 2!
4. Unravel the snipped off stitches that were previously part of row 1 and reuse this yarn as a new crocheted edge along the bottom (you might have to turn it into slip stitches based on how much yarn you have).

Of course, if you already have fringe on your scarf, it might be a bit of a pain undoing it before you make the alterations above, but in the end, it would most likely look better than trying to cover it up (in my humble opinion).

By the way, if you decide to go this route, you might do a swatch of similar yarn using the same stitches, make the alterations, and see if you're happy with the results.
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