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Items to Trade & Items Wished For
Items I would like to have are: (If you have something else to offer let me know, I’ll consider it)

Addi’s or KnitPick’s 16” circulars in sizes 1 - 13
KP Harmony Wood Cable Needles in 6"
KP Lace Blocking Wires
Wooden Darning Egg
Chanel No. 5 Perfume
Estee Lauder Perfume- Youth Dew

Items I have to trade are:

Jacqueline Fee book – The Sweater Workshop used condition with some ink writing.

A lot of what I had for trade has been traded, gifted, or sold since I first listed this thread. They have been edited out. If you have any of the above wanted items please let me know what you need in return. I might be able to work out a trade with you.

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