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Love my Ultimate Sweater Machine
I know this is an old post but I have new information for anyone who is just now reading this(like myself).
Okay, Okay.
So I am a cheater(knitting machine). I have never knitted by hand in my life due to I could never keep the tension with my hands. I do love my Ultimate Sweater Machine though. It wasn't always that way.... Actually I was about to return it because I was having problems with the carriage sticking and being stubborn when sliding it across the bed. Not to mention I thought this machine was going to be simple to operate and it wasn't (that is until I figured out how to properly use it. Now the carriage sings along and it is music to my ears.)... I have been wanting to knit baby blankets and accessories for friends children for years. It was only in the last month or two that I finally sat down and spent several hours really learning how the machine works and how to make it work for you instead of letting the machine run you. First of all let me say, make sure you wax or silicon spray the key plates!!!!! I actually set mine up on the kitchen table with only the non-skid mat(included in the kit) and the bed doesn't even move.... Second, There is a serious learning curve with the USM and you have to take the time to learn it before you will be turning out baby blankets in less than an hour...
Since really learning about this machine I have actually bought another Ultimate Sweater machine (Deluxe kit) and plan on making my own ribber bed in the next 2 weeks. The problem is my husband now has to help me weld a bracket together as there is no brackets out there for this machine because there is no RIBBER for the ultimate sweater machine...
As far as a GARTER BAR there are plans on the web on how to make one from a yard stick and flexible plastic head band...
I haven't tried it yet but plan on doing it after I get the Ribber setup and working.

Once I get the ribber bed up and running I plan on posting the plans on how we did it online as there are currently no plans out there for a ribber bed for the ultimate sweater machine. I am really excited about getting a ribber bed for my machine.

I hope this helps...
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