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Thanks, I did hear that you need to be careful purchasing one off of ebay and creigslist because there is the possibility of pieces being missing and/or not being able to match spare pieces to it, but I supose if it were new than that should not be a problem. I did not even think about checking the classifieds (duh), but I will now . And thank you for that link to the PVC wheels, they are cheaper than the one that I was looking at. The cheapest wooden one that I could find was $345, and I might add that for that price it was not much to look at. However if it was as low as $200, I would not care what it looked like, as long as it did the job. My only concern with the plastic ones is the fear that they would not be as durable as the wooden ones, is there someone who has used both that can give me a comparison? I think it might be worth an extra $150 if I knew it would last, I may be wrong. Thanks again!
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