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Im new here and new to knitting
Hi My name is Katy I got intrested cause my therapist told me it will help with my stress I am disabled I have fibro, porformis syndorme (SI nerve pain),Im bipolar, I have IBS, Neuroply, Chronic pain, next month Im having my nose fixed have bone spurs Ive had back and both elbow surgeries Any way the problem I have is keeping my stitches even in tension and when I get to like my fourth row I see mistakes I have no idea how or why but they are there I started with metal needles but it was to slippery right now practicing Im using bambo needles. right now Im working on a scarf but once I get good enough Im making a blanket and I didnt know how I could do it but I guess I will have to stitch patches together. If anyone has any advice for a newbie I welcome it I learned knitting by youtube but my stitches dont look like the ones on youtube maybe it's the needle or that Im still new at this mine look sloppy can anyone relate?
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