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What do you who live kinda far from a LYS do?
I've been worried about where I will buy yarn given that I now live nowhere near a LYS (When I lived in Vancouver, I was a 15 minute bike ride from the nearest LYS.)

I do not drive and the public transit system here sucks compared to Vancouver (I was spoiled there...) DH and I are committed to driving as little as possible A. due to fuel costs and B. it's crappy for the environment and C. DH HATES driving and complains incessantly if he has to drive too much (more than once a week usually hahah.) He works from home, eh?

I'm wondering what you knitting "homies" that are kind of in my quandary do to acquire more stash?!?! I don't have a credit card, either, which further complicates things, eh?
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