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So I went to Fail*mart and Michael's today (we have a Michael's two miles from here.) Waste of time, pretty much. I want like nice yarn, fingering weight and such (KWIM? the kind of yarn that can be had in a LYS.) I checked several LYS websites, poking around Ravelry, too:

I need to be able to order via the website, not email/phone for stuff (just a preference eh?) also, I despise paying shipping unless I'm buying from a regular person. Yes, knitpicks has the "buy $50 worth of stuff, free shipping" which is awesome, but I don't always have $50 to spend (I WISH!!!)

I'm seriously starting to freak out!! seems like the nearest LYS is in Arvada, I asked DH if that's kinda close to us "no."


I also sent a Stash 911 email to my mom, see what she can do (she's an enabler, I have a 'retarded' amount of cotton yarn because of her LOL.)
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