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picking up help
Hello! I am having a very hard time with a small part of pattern that I am working on. I am going a bit crazy!! Below are the instructions.

Put the bag in your lap with one side on top. the cast on edge to your left and the flap to your
right, the base closest to you. We’ll call this the left side of the bag. Using your circular needle,
starting at the top of the left edge at the first Garter Stitch Ridge, pick up two stitches in the
Garter Stitch Ridge. Then pick up one stitch for every colour stripe (that’s one stitch for every
two rows), working toward the second Garter Stitch Ridge. You should have 50 stitches on your

the pattern does not say pick up and knit nor does it give instructions for which color to knit in and it feelis like it is having me start at the wrong end for picking up.

Does this make any sense to any of you?? Thanks for your help!
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