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Thank you so much. I got my fiber and as I suspected I was unable to let it sit for a minute before I started right into trying it out. I am not sure how I did as a newby so I am attaching a pic of my very first little ball of hand spun wool yarn. My second one will be much better. I have much to learn and am already wanting a wheel. I have all sorts of people on the lookout for a used one. I am thinking they are few and far between. If you can explain what this means: "Ratios: 5.5, 10 and 14 to 1 for the single drive; 6.5, 8.5 and 11.5 to 1 for the double drive." it would sure help in my research.
Thank you for the suggestion of Abby Franquemont on youtube. She ceratinly is a great teacher. (I wish she lived next door to me!) I think I have watched most of the youtube videos on spinning many times over and am still doing it. Thank you again for the encouragement.
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