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I received this yesterday from Citizen Support for America's Military. I'm posting it in case anyone would like to check out their site for other ways to help our troops. The note also has their new address.

"Citizen Support for America's Military (CSAM), Operation Helmetliner's parent organization, has recently been informed by its military contacts for the helmet liners that the military has begun issuing its own helmet liners made of a special wicking material as its standard. They will no longer be allowed to accept the liners, stocking caps, neck gators or scarves you have so lovingly made.

"Thank you for all your awesome support of this wonderful project over the past 5 years. Please use your skill and talents, care and love in other ways to support our troops. Our website,, offers many projects that may fit your skills that are not being closed down, as Operation Helmetliner must do. We will ship any helmetliners you have already made, but must discontinue after that.

"Remember, it is all about supporting them in any way we can. It is the least we can do in return for their sacrifices.

"This is also to notify you we have changed our address. Please send all future mail/packages to the following address:

Citizen Support for America's Military
PO Box 1975
Bloomington, IL 61702-1975
309 692 4008

"We appreciate your generosity because without volunteers like you this would not be possible.

Citizen Sam Board Members"
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