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gee.. I see this started in 07.. anyone still interested. I have not had a pen pal for years upon years. I love to talk about my hobbies and I do have more than just yarn. This could be really fun along with bringing back the old snail mail. It means alot to receive a letter that someone actually took the time to sit down and address to you. (and have the same interest) WOW

KH Name:lorella
Are you willing to send internationally?:yes
Your age range: (such as: 20's, 30's, 90's): still in 50's (this yr)
Do you care what age range your pen pal is? no
Years knitting: knitting- yr or 2 ,crocheted since age 9
Do you care what gender your pen pal is?no
Children?:2 grown and 3 grandchildren, 6 step grandchildren
Pets?: 4 yorkies that I can not live without
Allergy concerns:none to be concerned with
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