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Originally Posted by knitcindy View Post

I remember seeing a pattern online for an afghan made of squares (like a sampler). But there were only 2 or 3 types of squares used throughout. One square had a big cable coming right down the middle. Another square was completely seed stitch. I don't remember what the 3rd one was. (or maybe it was just the 2 types of squares)

I'm pretty sure there were also 3 colors - grey, a Gulden's mustard-y type of color and cream. The colors were alternating on the afghan. I was ABSOLUTELY sure I had seen this pattern on the Lion Brand website, but now it's not there.

Does anyone else remember this and can you PLEASE post the link for it here?? Or is my memory slowly going down the drain???

Thanks so much!!!

Did you look on Pattern Central or if it wasn't on LIon Web Site, maybe that other company the Red Heart
Yarn Company? Sorry, it's like 1:30 a.m. and I am up, so this is my relaxation so I can go back to sleep!! Hope you find it. Nitey Nite...Zzzzzzzzz hopefully for me!!
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