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Wool Dye
I need some tips on dying my wool. My friend uses egg dye, but it did not work out for me. I think I would like to try using dye that that was meant for wool, does anyone have a recomendation on what brand or type I should use?

I wanted the wool to be a deep violet and ended up getting a horrible looking pastel blend (there's purple, blue, green, yellow, a hint of pink, it's bad). I know it is mainly because of two things 1. My dye was not consentrated enough, and 2. The wool was yellow to begin with (that is why I got it for so cheep ). I think if I want to dye it a darker color it will cover up the first attempt. Please, anything helpful is welcome.

After this I might just stick to the natural color of the wool, I guess it will depend on how well this ends up turning out.
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