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Interesting. You've been remodeling for the past 2 mos. and you still appear to be sane! How long will the recuperation period be?

Yes, the 'Song of the Larks' is so beautiful. The words too. 'How sweetly you move my heart, you lovely voices.'
You ever see the movie based on the book by Willa Cather?

I didn't mean to infer that the only good composers were male.
Let's not ignore Augusta Read Thomas (composer in residence for the Chgo. Symphony for several years),and Conni Elinoor (Blackberry Winter) and Joan Tower(Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman). Have you heard any of their stuff? I think you'd especially enjoy "Blackberry Winter". It's a concerto for dulcimer and orchestra. Really cool! Yes women can compose music.

So much to hear . Good luck with your remodel work. Jean
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