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I have the Knitpicks interchangeable Harmony Wood circulars so they don't take up much room. I keep the cables and keys in the plastic pouch that came with the set. I didn't like the bag for the tips, so I keep them in a Boye crochet hook zippered bag. You might want one for your crochet hooks. A couple of bucks. Keep straights and double point pairs together with rubber bands. You can keep the double points and circulars in Ziplock bags and write the size on the outside. I keep my stuff I use all the time, needle tips, interchangeable components, tape measure, knitting gauge, scissors, and tapestry needles together in one of the Cumberland zippered bags. That way I can always find them because they're together in one place. I got mine in the office supply section at Walmart. They're nice because if you're knitting away from home you can grab and go.
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