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to clarify
to clarify, I have apparently more straight needles than you can shake a stick at.

Think of a box that a case of paper comes in, now fill it full of straight needles, all differnt sizes and lengths (I have found needles from size 1 to size 50). Now add another box HALF That size full of circular needles (at least 2 different sets of interchagables and the rest are individuals), Double pointed needles, and cable needles (I guess that is what they are they look like saftey pins of various sizes, widths, and lengths) Finally add a pencil box full of stitch markers, measuring tapes, sicssors, and Sewing needles. NOW Add another half paper case box of Crochet hooks!

Orginization is a big Problem, Plus I only have a 2 foot space in my bedroom to store it all in.

I inherited all of this from my Grandma when she passed on, and she had inherited some of them from her friend who passed on 2 years before her.
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