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You might want to look at the website for the Crochet Guild of America. There are good illustrations of the stitches, and dropdowns for almost anything you can think of.

For videos, I'd suggest Crochetville. The purpose of C'ville is mostly the development and sustaining of a crochet community, but there are also sectors, like here, where people can find videos and other learning material for free.

C'ville offers occasional on-line classes in aspects of crochet, but I think that beginners are much better off with in-person help. I learned from a friend in college who showed me one-to-one how to crochet. No videos then, and not nearly as many books or access to them as now, esp. since I was in school full-time *and* working my way through college. But these days, I can recommend your local library; many of them have good holdings in crochet, and some even have books written for kids/teens to learn. (It was a "teen" learn-to-knit book that helped me break through into knitting recently, so don't feel silly about checking out a "juvenile" book.)

See if any of your friends already know how to crochet. If not, do what you can to find a yarn store that offers classes. Joann's also offers occasional classes in learning to knit or crochet; if there's no helpful yarn store, give Joann's a call and find out when the next crochet class is.

Starting right off by making toys might be more than you want to deal with (IMHO). You'll need to work in rounds rather than rows, and make a decision as to whether you're doing separate rounds or spiraling out. You'll also need to work on increases and decreases right away rather than building the basic skills of the stitches themselves first and *then* adding the increase/decrease skills. But if you're an experienced knitter, then the *idea* of increase/decrease isn't new, and maybe learning how to do it in crochet won't be so strange to you.

Best wishes!

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