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Working the Gusset
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"Turn Heel" on sock
I have been on a sock knitting binge and enjoy not having to look at the pattern for every step ... BUT ... this time ... I forgot to knit the 12 rows that "turn heel" before I "shaped gusset".
Has anyone ever forgotten to "turn heel" and gone right into "shape gusset" ??
I prefer making socks on DPN's and alternate knitting on two socks (to make sure I actually knit the second sock). I completely shaped the gusset on the first sock and knitted several rounds without turning the heel. I realized this as I started the gusset on the second sock ... without turning the heel...
Will the socks be "OK" ... and just "OK" is all right ... if I don't rip out and go back and "turn heel" ?
It is 12 rows missing, but not stitches. The stitches that would have decreased during "turn heel" were/will be decreased during "shape gusset"

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